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We strive to provide quality and innovative solutions for each client and their unique service offerings. We pride ourselves on our industry leading reputation and exclusive access to the most advanced technology, enabling Whitetail to be the partner of choice for a diverse range of communications packages including satellite and/or cellular internet services, wellsite and ancillary oilfield rentals, and site monitoring packages.Whitetail knows your operational performance is of the utmost importance to all stakeholders involved. We have developed and consistently maintain a quality management program throughout all company levels. Our practical yet effective programs allow us to offer cutting edge services and equipment that drive innovation and deliver quality results. We guarantee to consistently generate high-calibre, cost-effective, environmentally conscious, and safe solutions for all of our valued clients through:

  • Equipment quality control and maintenance programs

  • Attracting, training, and retaining knowledgeable personnel

  • Developing and maintaining a service and safety-oriented culture

  • Age of fleet monitoring and top-quality equipment commitment

  • Sourcing and delivering emerging new technology

  • Complimentary products and services

  • One stop solutions provider

  • Well documented business systems

our guarantee

Health, Safety
& Environment

Preventative measures with exceptional results.

As a business, Whitetail understands excellence in safety and service go hand in hand; and we deliver on both. Our commitment to prioritizing safety and training, as well as our dedication to public health and protecting the environment throughout our operations are key factors in our quantifiable safety statistics. Our team understands that we are personally responsible for the organization’s health, safety, and environmental performance and support; we are all accountable for the actions needed to attain excellence.

Whitetail’s safety protocols have been comprehensive and feasible throughout our business history and have translated into a resilient and reliable safety record. Listed below are ways that we ensure that our safety protocols are being followed effectively:

“The quality of the health and safety program shows up in the company’s operations and safety is kept at the forefront of all who work at Whitetail. It is an impressive company and a safety program they can all be very proud of. Congratulations to all who have worked hard to improve the safety culture.”

Barry Morris, For One Consulting

Focus on incident prevention and evaluation.

Learn from the experience and continue building trust and accountability within our workplace.

Every employee has the right to decline work in unsafe conditions.

safety protocol

All levels of management are held responsible for safety performance and efficiency.

Dedication and education from our employees and employers are essential for safety performance.

We prioritize safety prevention and enhance how we identify risks for routine tasks.

As we continue down a path of excellence, we continue to reach record breaking safety scores. The success of our operations is a direct reflection of our entire organizations acceptance of the 4Steps/4Skills training fundamentals system we are developing and utilizing.
Whitetail Culture


Whitetail is committed to the wellness of our planet and its civilians, and we are working effortlessly to create positive change in the energy industry. We believe that together we can be advocates for the environment, and sustainable building products will result in a more prosperous world.


Whitetail admires and respects the culture and traditions of the Indigenous people of Canada. This includes their diversity, languages, treaty rights and land, and way of life. As a fifty percent Metis-owned corporation, we run in various arbitrations throughout NE British Columbia and Central and NW Alberta. We have an in-depth understanding and appreciation for how the operation of our business and that of our clients can impact Indigenous communities’ interests, rights, and titles governing the traditional use of the land.

Of Metis status and proud of his ancestry, President and founder Jason Knutson’s cultural background enhances our level of commitment to supporting Indigenous people with an active strategy of inclusion. Whitetail is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with Indigenous people and communities who have an interest in our corporation. We respect and understand Indigenous people’s interests and territories while conducting our business. Building meaningful relations between our company and surrounding Indigenous communities is of the utmost importance to us as a business and as people.

At Whitetail, we pledge to sustain and build effective relationships based on trust and mutual understanding to achieve respectable community and business objectives.

our principles

Honouring and abiding with Indigenous peoples’ constitutionally protected rights in Canada.

Dedication and education from our employees and employers are essential for safety performance.

Dedication and education from our employees and employers are essential for safety performance.


At Whitetail, we are dedicated to making a real difference and giving back to the communities that have enabled us to grow. We believe in making each place better than before, which is why we make it a priority to create a positive impact by providing opportunity and supporting the communities in which we work. Each of our charitable initiative is selected based on how they add to the community at large and how they align with our company values. In addition to sponsorship, we encourage our staff to contribute to organizations that resonate with their passions.


  • Calgary Girls Minor Hockey

  • Calgary Fire AA Bantam Girls Hockey

  • Gordie Howe Alzheimer’s Hockey Tournament

  • WHOA Hockey League

  • Sauce Hockey SHL

  • Okotoks Oilers

  • Oilympics Hockey Tournament

Dawson Creek

  • Dawson Creek Hospital Foundation

  • South Peace Hospice Society

  • Dawson Creek Little League

  • Dawson Creek Rodeo and Fall fair

  • Dawson Creek Walk for ALS


  • Kiwanis “Glowball”

  • Kiwanis “Fishing Derby”

  • Dawson Creek Triathlon Association

  • Dawson Creek Junior Canucks