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Remote and efficient solutions for enhanced monitoring systems with significant savings.

Whitetail provides a variety of lighting and video monitoring systems for both practical and modest applications, suited to your unique operational needs. Our state-of-the-art cameras can be mounted to both diesel and electric light towers or directly mounted onto buildings or drilling rigs. We provide remote and localized camera monitoring coverage with an entire fleet of monitoring solutions. At Whitetail, our priority is to ensure that your site and people are safe and consistently supervised.


Our camera units offer various video monitoring specialties such as thermal imagery alerting, PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), motion-controlled lighting, and radar detection (auto camera control). Our monitoring applications offer text and email notifications and real-time viewing. Whitetail’s cameras can stream footage remotely or have it come directly to a device within a local area. Whitetail surveillance systems provide our clients with the reassurance that their sites are consistently patrolled and protected, and they can prevent the following situations from occurring:
  • Provide worker and workplace safety

  • Provide video surveillance for potential legal investigations

  • Prevent criminal activity

  • Keep employers and employees accountable for internal theft

  • Monitor site activity and liaise with local law enforcement

  • Minimize possible risks, site downtime, and liability

  • Reduce costs for Clients

  • Ensure safety supervision for all on-site employees and personnel

why whitetail?


Active Site Monitoring

  • Construction, Completions, Drilling, Pipeline

  • Quality control

  • Safety program development by providing video archives of client’s active sites

  • Site access monitoring

RIG Watch Non-Active Site Monitoring

  • Construction, Completions, Drilling, Pipeline

  • Asset protectionSite access monitoring

  • Saves requirement for onsite personnel by utilizing our remote camera monitoring

WiFi Services

  • Accompanying wifi services available if required



24-hour Network Monitoring

24/7  Whitetail remotely monitors our supplied onsite networks. We have the ability to isolate and control specific users/devices, as well as allocate bandwidth for Aps and groups.


Fit for Form Monitoring Packages

With custom built monitoring solutions for every client and location, we ensure your site and people are safe.


Knowledgeable Staff, Innovative Solutions

Our 28+ years in this industry sets us apart from our competitors, providing remote communications experience and knowledge that matters.


100% More Effective


Camera Monitoring Systems are typically 25-60 % less than hiring security guards and 100 % more effective.



Committed to provide top-quality equipment and services, we have invested over $3MM dollars in the last two and half years to assist our customers growing requirements.

Unlimited Monitoring


Camera units are intrinsically safe and can be mounted pretty much anywhere for unlimited monitoring of your assets.

20+ Years


Our largest clients have been with us for 20+ years and through two name change acquisitions.

“Throughout my 35+ years in the industry, Whitetail has never let me down. Their communication and rental equipment expertise has been without question one of quality and commitment. Hours of service is no challenge for Whitetail and their service personnel. Providing me with exceptional quality, they have always been courteous, professional, and most importantly reliable.”

- Drilling OSR, Arc Resources