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March 28th, 2022 marks 10,000 days of Whitetail operations.

President Jason Knutson installed his very first site NE of Fort Nelson, British Columbia on a Jomax Drilling Rig at the age of 16. His first installation consisted of two 10-foot satellite TV dishes and a set of water distillers at the Rig Camp. As the pioneer of live TV at remote camps, Jason set a new trend in an industry where crews were previously subjected to VHS tapes as their only source of entertainment. He went on to build various communication packages that initially helped to replace “XJ” radios and ultimately enhance communication  between the field and corporate offices. Finally in theearly 2000s, Jason was able to provide internet services through satellite to his customers in remote locations.

Fast forward 28+ years and a merger later, Whitetail has transformed into a fully integrated, turnkey technology provider. Our extensive history provides a solid foundation that will generate significant opportunity for the benefit of all These benefits include the overall growth of the company, personal growth for all employees, and an enhanced value proposition for our customer base, including top tier equipment, a diverse range of products and services, and an impeccable safety record.

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Born and raised in Dawson Creek, Jason Knutson grew up valuing all aspects of nature and is deeply attached to the North. At the age of 16, Jason founded Whitetail Oilfield Rentals Ltd with his father and the following year, he won the Kiwanis Enterprise Center “Entrepreneur of the Year” award. For the past 27 years, Mr. Knutson has been working to grow and evolve his brand into the successful company it is today; Jason takes pleasure in his work ethic and accomplishments. Jason looks forward to Whitetail’s future and plans to take Whitetail far. He celebrates every breakthrough his company has achieved, including, Whitetail reaching over 10,000 days in business as of March 28th, 2022!

Jason enjoys hunting outdoors and spending quality time with his wife and two children in his spare time. He is a dedicated conservationist and is passionate about supporting outdoor societies; he is currently a member of the BC Wildlife Federation and the Wild sheep Society of BC. Some of Jason’s future goals include becoming more involved in commercial real estate and splitting his time between chasing gold in the mountains and spending days on the beach in Hawaii.

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Curt is an innate leader at heart. He has devoted his knowledge and expertise to the expansion and success of several oilfield service companies in various roles over his years in the oil and gas industry. Before Whitetail, Curt played a crucial role in the start-up of Peak Energy Services, where he furthered his career to become the company’s president and CEO. He helped build a solid and dedicated team, where he led the substantial growth of Peak from an aggressive M&A campaign that included a significant expansion into the U.S. market, culminating with the sale of the business to a U.S.-based corporation in June 2011. With his entrepreneurial insight and history, Curt remains fervent and motivated as a business builder; his 40-plus years of experience have given him the ability and confidence to be an optimal asset to Whitetail.

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Originally from Calgary, Matt began his career in commercial banking, primarily lending capital to oil and gas producers and various other businesses. Matt graduated from the University of Calgary in 1987 with a major in finance. Soon after, he accomplished his CPA designation with Ernst & Young, advancing his oil and gas industry career. He has over 30 years of experience in numerous financial roles, including our CFO for the public company, Peak Energy Services, for 15 years before its sale in 2011. Since 2011, Matt has operated his own CFO Consulting firm. He has provided his overall corporate management, forecasting, accounting, financial reporting, and M&A expertise to several businesses, including entities involved in digital marketing and advertising, technology, specialized pet retailing, and oil and gas services. Matt is a Co-Founder and Director of Whitetail Energy Services Inc., a company founded in 1994, specializing in providing surveillance, remote communications, and rental equipment to a wide variety of industries in Western Canada. Matt’s objective is to keep all management teams well-grounded by building a disciplined approach to finance and accounting, paying meticulous attention to detail, and ensuring enterprises grow and prosper effectively. Matt is a fitness and mental health advocate, an avid golfer, and a gardener.

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Danah joined the Whitetail team as an administrator in 2017. Demonstrating her unwavering work-ethic, Danah quickly rose to the role of office manager and has since moved into her current role of controller for the past two years. Danah brings with her over twenty years of experience in both the production and supply side of the oil and gas industry, possessing additional experience on the service side of the business in various facets. Her contract negotiation skills, excellent relationship management skills, and proven ability to support and manage multiple projects make Danah an invaluable member of the Whitetail team. Danah is a graduate of Mount Royal University, receiving her Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Supply Chain in 2013. Out of the office, Danah enjoys working out, playing volleyball, watching the Oilers and ‘Jays, and thrift shopping.

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With nearly two decades of experience, Brian has built an extensive and varied career in the oil and gas industry. Working as a branch manager for Peak Energy and now as the acting Director of Sales and Marketing at Whitetail for the past 6 years, Brian brings with him strong leadership and team-building skills as well as a wealth of experience in the rental and equipment space. Day-to-day, Brian is heavily involved in managing the operations between dispatch and finance. Hailing from Winnipeg, MN, Brian made the move to Slave Lake in Alberta in pursuit of his passion for senior men’s hockey. Brian has since moved to Calgary and has been living there for the past decade with his two daughters and wife Nicole. When not fielding Whitetail calls, you’ll find him playing sports or watching his daughters play hockey and baseball.

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At Whitetail, our biggest asset is our people. Pairing years of field level experience and service with our seasoned oilfield service representatives, we diligently strive to exceed our client’s expectations. With our primary incentive being to provide the top-quality service within the industry, we ensure we are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Whitetail, from conception through to completion our single source solution guarantees your optimized ease of operations. As your one stop shop, we go above and beyond to obtain equipment and products outside of our fleet to ensure our clients have what they need, when they need it.

As a company, we pride ourselves on the longevity of our solutions-oriented, skilled, professional, and personable employees. We highly believe in providing a professional work environment where people feel a sense of community and belonging. From our employees through to our clients and the communities in which we work, we focus on maintaining positive, mutually beneficial relationships with everyone we come in contact with. Our determined and contemporary spirit have built our longstanding reputation as your contractor of choice.

At Whitetail, we are continuously expanding and evolving as a company. We are always looking for skilled talent to join our team. Click the button below and send us a message to learn more about our open positions.


Whitetail operates in a family oriented environment that takes pride in and lives by all of its core values both at home and work. The company relies heavily on our best in class personnel who’s knowledge base provides a high quality and efficient level of service. We seek out and retain only those that can embrace and personify our core values and therefore understand the very root of our business.

As a service provider in a commodity based industry we need to continually find ways to differentiate ourselves from our competition. Our largest asset is our people, whose knowledge and experience along with their commitment to our core values translates to a value added experience for our many customers. Remote communication and accommodation are our specialties and we want to ensure that no matter how remote your workplace, you are connected and communicating clearly and living in a safe and secure environment!